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RustyJeep's '73 J4000
Floor Repair


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When I got my Jeep, the guy said the driver's floor had been repaired, and he said it looked like it was done right. Well, not so. What the repair was was just a quick patch, really. Somone had bolted a slab of steel diamond plate right over the rust and holes, without treating the problem first. I couldn't let this go, as the weather here in Michigan likes to attack floors. Especially those that are already rusty.
So, I embarked on repairing/replacing the floor. Here's where I am at now, and there will be more pictures of the progress as I get there.



This is what came out. A prybar, cut-off tool, and angle grinder made it possible.

Pics after the first coat of Herculiner was applied:

I know...there should be steps in between the first step and final...but...